Pop Culture Throwback: June 9-June 16

Welcome back to Q97.3’s pop culture throwback, where we look through the decades to see what came out in entertainment this week in 1989, 1999, and 2009, respectively.

In 1989…

The world of television got a whole lot spookier on June 10th with the HBO debut of Tales from the Crypt.  My parents wouldn’t let me watch it growing up, but I’ve revisited it as an adult, and it is friggin’ delightful!  Take the basic premise of The Twilight Zone, and pour twelve bags of pure snark all over it.  The Cryptkeeper is still one of my favorite TV personalities to this day!

June 15th brings us the debut album “Bleach” from the band Nirvana.  I didn’t do a lot of research for this entry, so I’m sure this band is still together and nothing terrible has happened to any of them.

On June 16th, the anticipated, but kind of disappointing sequel Ghostbusters II made its debut in theaters.   I can’t be the only one having a weird disconnect between this and Nirvana’s first album coming out one day apart, right?  I mean, Ghostbusters was definitely an 80’s thing, and Nirvana OWNED the early 90’s.  What I’m trying to say is 1989 was a WEIRD YEAR, ya’ll.

In 1999…

Here’s a throwback in a throwback post.  June 11th saw the release of 70’s James Bond parody Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.  If you weren’t around when Austin Powers mania took over, be glad you never had to listen to people yell things out like “Oh, behave!” or “Do I make you horny?” in a bad British accent all the time.

June 11th also brought us final episode of Unsolved Mysteries.  I can’t be the only one who that intro scared the crap out of as a kid, right?  …right?

On June 15th, we’re treated to “The White Stripes,” the first album by, uh…The White Stripes.  While they wouldn’t have huge commercial success until 2001, “The White Stripes” still has a few bangers, such as “Stop Breaking Down.”

In 2009…

On June 12th, the world of television was changed forever.  The FCC ended all analog broadcasts and switched to an all-digital signal.  Did you have already have digital cable or satellite service in 2009, or did you have to get one of those weird converter boxes like my family did?

Finally this week, on June 16th, Major Lazer broke into the dance scene with their debut album “Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do.”  The track “Pon De Floor” has a music video complete with a pop-up video gimmick.  How’s THAT for a throwback?