The Bert Show: She’s Upset Because Her Husband Is Paying More Attention To Their Daughter Than Her!

Moms, does this happen a lot? Ever since our listener Nicole’s daughter (who she LOVES) was born…her husband pays her ZERO attention and just dotes on their baby girl. He used to be super romantic, but now all the attention goes to her.

Don’t get her wrong, she loves that he’s so involved and she sees his love as a blessing…but she’s feeling SUPER neglected. She gets zero attention and feels like she’s always in the background while he goes overboard with their daughter. She’s been telling him for YEARS about it, and he always promises to fix it…but he doesn’t.

And the straw that broke the camel’s back? He told her to plan a girl’s night and to take the night off (which she thought was super sweet)…until she found out that it’s so he can take his daughter on a daddy-daughter date. They have a reservation, he bought her a new dress, and wants her to give her a manicure and fix her hair so she knows it’s so special.

She’s SO thrilled that she’s attentive to her and she feels so awful, but she feels super hurt.

Normal or is she overreacting?