Recasting Woodstock’s Original Lineup with 2019 Artists

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock . . . and you know what would be great?  If someone would put together a NEW Woodstock, featuring mostly CURRENT artists!  (???)  (Sorry, too soon?) has “re-cast” the original Woodstock lineup with 2019 artists.



Here are 15 highlights from the list, along with WHY they were chosen:



1.  Miguel for Richie Havens . . . Quote, “Miguel is as reliable, crowd-pleasing, and eclectic a festival act as there is today, and would certainly kick things off, as Richie did, with a bang, [and] keep the party rolling.”



2.  Jaden Smith for Arlo Guthrie . . . “Jaden is one of the premier free-spirits of the Gen-Z era, a perfect modern analog for the hippie movement that birthed Arlo.”



3.  Kacey Musgraves for Joan Baez . . . “She’s a roots-based artist with a pen as incisive as her voice is lithe, who’s also totally unafraid to speak truth to power when the occasion calls for it.”



4.  Vampire Weekend‪ for The Grateful Dead . . . “They have drawn quite a few comparisons to the Grateful Dead . . . [and do] lengthy jams while onstage.”



5.  Ariana Grande for Creedence Clearwater Revival . . . “Creedence were arguably the most impactful band in America when they played Woodstock . . . the same could be said for Grande now.”



6.  Miley Cyrus for Janis Joplin . . . She’s a “powerhouse vocalist,” who also “perfectly inhabits the free-love, happy hippie, won’t-take-anyone’s [nonsense] aesthetic.”



7.  Janelle Monáe for Sly and the Family Stone . . . “No one can match Sly’s exuberant intensity, joyful funk vibes, or clear-eyed political consciousness as well as Janelle.”



8.  Travis Scott for The Who . . . “The Who were the very, very loud theatrical quartet who were more than willing to get physical onstage.  Scott has consistently made the same mark during his own live performances.”



9.  Tame Impala for Jefferson Airplane . . . “Both bands meet perfectly at the place where mind-expanding lyrics meet eye-opening musical arrangements.”



10.  Chris Stapleton for Joe Cocker . . . “From one husky-throated crooner to another, this just makes way too much sense.”



11.  Arcade Fire for The Band . . . “Both groups have a knack for crafting precisely-constructed, sweeping anthems.”



12.  Migos for Blood, Sweat & Tears . . . “Just like Blood, Sweat & Tears brought the hits during their time at Woodstock around 1:00 am, Migos could easily keep the party going for hours on end.”



13.  Jack White for Paul Butterfield Blues Band . . . “The reliable, veteran presence whose music harkens back to an earlier, allegedly more authentic time.”



14.  Greta Van Fleet for Sha Na Na . . . Greta Van Fleet would take over Sha Na Na’s role as the show’s THROWBACK band.



15.  Kendrick Lamar for Jimi Hendrix . . . “Kendrick has as good a chance as anyone [at] creating a moment that speaks to the times as effectively as Hendrix did with his now-iconic rendition of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’.”