Is This THE Sexiest Accent? Seriously?!

A travel website called Big Seven just put out a ranking of the sexiest accents in the world.

Number one is New Zealand, which kind of sounds similar to Australian and number two is South African, which kind of sounds similar to a British accent meeting a New Zealand accent.

The full top 10 sexiest accents are: New Zealand, South African, Irish, Italian, Australian, Scottish, French, Spanish, southern U.S., and Brazilian.

Here are a few other notable results from their top 50 list: Canadian is 13th, Mexican is 24th, Boston is 28th, New York is 44th, and German is 46th.

But when it comes to the sexiest accents in the U.S., we just found that according to the same company, Big Seven, Boston – YES, BOSTON – ranks at number 2, just after California.

What do *you* think the sexiest accent in the US is?