The Bert Show: Our Intern Full On Embarrassed Herself In Front Of Her Professor

WHYYYY does this ALWAYS happen? When you do something awkward in front of somebody (hey, life happens), and then you run into that person OVER AND OVER AND OVER again?!

It happened to our Intern Alyssa C., and she’s paying NOW for a awkward thing that happened to her YEARS ago.

In her History Class, she was having a TON of trouble. She kept meeting with her Professor, who said her study guides looked great, and he didn’t know what the trouble was. At the end of the semester with the exam looming next week, she was STILL in trouble with her grade, and she burst into tears in front of her Professor. Like, full on, a semester’s worth of frustration all built up, BAWLING.

Well now, two years later, she can’t stop running into him.