The Bert Show: Is Her Dead Boyfriend Haunting Her House???

Do you have unexplainable things been happening in your home? Do you think your house may be haunted? Do you want The Bert Show’s official ghost hunters to investigate? Tell us your story now! 

Bert Show listener Lisa lives in a 115-year-old house. When she and her boyfriend Justin moved in, she would hear  muffled conversations and muffled music, but never found the source. It’s a pretty big piece of land, so there are not neighbors right on top of them, so that’s not it.

This past July, her boyfriend Justin, who was a Haralson County fireman, tragically died in the line of duty.

While Justin was in the hospital, Lisa had her ex-husband go to the house to take care of the dogs. He also heard the muffled conversations and music…confirming what she had heard – she had never told him about it.

After Justin’s death, one night she was coming back from the bathroom to the bedroom and she saw Justin standing in the hall. It was dark, but she could see his face and chest.

She also feels something touch her sometimes and she feels his presence. Their dog, “Tank,” will even perk up and wag his tail like he’s seeing something that’s not there.

One night around 1 or 2AM, an old-timey sounding phone started ringing. It was reverberating throughout the house…LOUD. It rang for a good ten minutes. Well, Lisa had had given Justin two antique phones before his death; they were in his office in the house. When she opened the office door, The phone stopped ringing before she got to them to see if one of the phones was ringing – but that’s where the sound was the loudest. Thing is, the antique phones were NOT plugged up.

Lisa has also seen pennies and dimes in weird places, starting at the hospital after Justin’s death. Evidently, seeing coins is a sign from beyond.

Is Justin really there, confirming that he’s ok and giving her a sign like she asked him to?