The Bert Show: She wants To Secretly Set Her Mom Up With Her Ex’s Dad!!

You like them. You had a connection. But you just don’t KNOW how to take it  to the next level…especially if you’re not the kind of forward person who wants to ask the them out, or if you’re scared of rejection.So sometimes, you just need a little help scoring that date – and that’s where we come in! We’ll tell you what to text the person you’re into, line by line, and we’ll help you get that date…but you have to PROMISE to write EXACTLY what we tell you to.

Today’s Texting Tutor is gonna be just a little different…our Bert Show listener Jo wants to set her single mom up. But she wants to set her single mom up with her EX-boyfriend’s dad!  Before Jo and her ex split up, Jo’s mom had mentioned a couple of times that she thought Jo’s boyfriend’s dad was cute (he’s single, too!)

Well, it’s mom’s birthday this month, so Jo wants to surprise her with a date this weekend…with the dad!