The 100 Most Requested Wedding Songs of All Time

When it comes to wedding DJs, a little originality goes a long way.  Unfortunately, you just end up hearing the same handful of songs at EVERY.  SINGLE.  RECEPTION. put out a list of the 100 most requested wedding songs of all time.



Here’s the Top 10 . . .



1.  “I Gotta Feeling”,  the Black Eyed Peas.



2.  “Uptown Funk”,  Marc Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.



3.  “Can’t Stop the Feeling”,  Justin Timberlake.



4.  “Crazy in Love”,  Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z.



5.  “I’ll Be”,  Edwin McCain.



6.  “Cha Cha Slide”,  DJ Casper.



7.  “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”,  Whitney Houston



8.  “Happy”,  Pharrell Williams.



9.  “Higher Love”,  Kygo and Whitney Houston.



10.  “Party Rock Anthem”,  LMFAO.