This Guy Broke Into a FroYo Place And ONLY Stole The Toppings!

If you’re gonna risk jail time to steal something, make sure it’s worth more than two dollars . . .



Cops in New York are looking for a guy who broke into a frozen yogurt shop on Easter . . . and only stole TOPPINGS.



He broke a window of their storage room . . . reached in . . . and grabbed what he could.  Which turned out to be a few handfuls of toppings like M&M’s.



He also had two KIDS with him, and made one of them help by holding a flashlight.  So he’s also officially out of the running for Father of the Year.



Last we heard, the cops were still looking for him.  But a security camera got a pretty clear shot of his face.



When they do find him, he’ll be facing burglary charges.