The Bert Show: She’s Worried Her Husband Is Having An Affair With Their Wedding Planner

We used to do a bit called “War of the Roses” back in the day where we’d pretend to be a florist, call a guy who was allegedly cheating, tell him he won a free bouquet of roses, and ask him who he wants to send them to. If he picked his wife, yay!…but if he picked some other girl to send the flowers to…well then, there’s your cheating proof.

We loved doing it, BUT…we had to stop doing it because of new laws and a bunch of other technicalities around recording people, etc., whatever, but we found a loophole: E-MAIL. So we’re bringing it back!

Her marriage has been tough since the beginning, and she thinks it has everything to do with their wedding planner. During the planning process, her husband was very involved and had one-on-one meetings with their wedding planner. She suspected that something more was going on, but after the wedding, she dropped it.

Recently she found a lotion – that only the wedding planner used – in her husband’s car. Now her fears of him cheating have returned.