#TheBertShowOnDemand: War Of The Roses: She Caught Her Husband Doing Something Strange…And Now She Wants Answers

We used to do a bit called “War of the Roses” back in the day where we’d pretend to be a florist, call a guy who was allegedly cheating, tell him he won a free bouquet of roses, and ask him who he wants to send them to. If he picked his wife, yay!…but if he picked some other girl to send the flowers to…well then, there’s your cheating proof.

We loved doing it, BUT…we had to stop doing it because of new laws and a bunch of other technicalities around recording people, etc., whatever, but we found a loophole: E-MAIL. So we’re bringing it back!

They have a newborn, and her husband hasn’t been able to get enough sleep before work. So he suggested that they sleep in different bedrooms.

Here’s the problem: She woke up at 2 AM one night and caught him half nude on facetime with someone. He quickly hung up and tried to act like he wasn’t talking to anyone.

Now she suspects he’s cheating and needs our help finding out the truth.