People Are Huffing Onions Because They Think It Kills Coronavirus – FYI.. It DOES NOT!

This sounds more like a prank than anything.  And it’s another reminder that social media isn’t the best place for reliable health advice:  People are now huffing the fumes from ONIONS because they think it kills the coronavirus.  (???)



Memes claiming it’s true have been circulating on Facebook, especially in Asia.  They say to cut an onion in half . . . cup it against your nose and mouth . . . and take a series of deep breaths.  But there’s ZERO evidence it actually does anything except make your eyes water and your breath stink.



It’s gained so much traction that the news outlet AFP felt the need to debunk it.  One doctor they talked to said it’s just more bogus misinformation that could actually be harmful to the general public.