Can’t Keep Plants Alive? Cacti Are Now the Most Searched Houseplant

If you can’t keep plants alive, you’re not alone . . .

According to Google Trends, the most searched houseplants so far this year are the ones that survive even if you forget about them for a month.

CACTI . . . (or “cactuses” if you prefer) . . . are the most googled houseplant in 26 states.  That includes almost every state west of the Mississippi.

In California, it’s palms or palm trees.  They’re also #1 in Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and both Carolinas.

In Oregon, it’s lavender, which also took the top spot in Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Aloe Vera plants are #1 in eight states . . . New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Rhode Island.

And three states fall into the category of “other,” like ferns and orchids . . . New York, Vermont, and Hawaii.