A Semi Flipped While Hauling 200 Active Beehives

 This is high on the list of worst things to be hauling when involved in a crash:  A big rig rolled over in Utah this week . . . while transporting 200 active BEEHIVES.

It happened on Interstate 80, about 30 miles east of Salt Lake City.  Two people were in the truck, and neither of them were seriously injured in the crash itself.

But then the bees arrived.  And there were thousands of them, maybe more.

Both people had to be treated at a hospital for multiple bee stings.  And several first responders who got stung joined them there.  But thankfully, no one died.

There were so many bees, police couldn’t clear the crash scene for several hours until local beekeepers showed up to help.

They took most of the bees away, but told people to be careful in the area for a while.

Police are still looking into what caused the crash, but it sounds like it was a blown tire. 

((Photo Credit: KUTV-TV))