Look What I Won!

So several months ago I couldn’t sleep — I was scrolling through TikTok at 2am praying for a few hours of sleep and I kept getting this ad popping up for one of those app’s that has the claw machines. My mother would never let us play these as a kid.. said it was a waste of money (which, it really is! LOL)

But, I downloaded the app – put in $10 and won 3 mini “plushies.” I went to bed.. woke up the next morning and went about my life… I think I’ve opened the app once since then.

Yesterday I come home to a box on the porch from China?! It was my 3 plushies.. HA!

I won these like in February… they’re just small little toys but you seriously would’ve thought I had won the lottery when I opened the box. Anyways, the cats will enjoy these.