More People Have Full-Blown Discussions with Their Dogs Than Cats

There’s nothing strange about asking a pet if they’re hungry or something, but if you’re having long conversations with them about your day . . . or Paul in accounting . . . or supply chain issues . . . that’s kinda weird, right?

A poll asked pet owners if they talk “at length” with their pets, and 60% of dog owners say they have full-blown discussions with their dog.  That’s higher than cat owners . . . only 52% say they have long talks with their cats.

When asked who’s “in charge” in their home, 62% of people said the HUMANS are in charge.  10% said their PETS rule the house.  And 25% say they and their pets are both “equally in charge.”  (???)

Here are some other results from the poll:

1.  38% of pet owners say they have birthday celebrations for their pets.

2.  56% say they buy their pets gifts for birthdays or holidays.

3.  24% say they dress their pets up for holidays or events.

4.  30% say it’s a “good idea” to give a pet AS a gift.  35% say it’s a bad idea.