Never Have I Ever Shreveport Edition: Worn The Same Underwear More Than Two Days In A Row!

What’s the longest you’ve gone wearing the same underwear? Have you ever played the game Never Have I Ever??

There was something I saw online recently – where someone did a “Never Have I Ever” poll on their website, and tens of thousands of people voted.  And when asked about underwear, 40% of people claim they have NEVER worn the same underwear multiple days in a row. That means about 60% of us have — and honestly when I asked a few friends here in the Shreveport area – the number was even greater!

Here are some other results:

23% claim they’ve never cheated on a test.

10% claim they’ve never told a secret they weren’t supposed to share.

43% say they’ve never lied about their age.

12% say they’ve never Googled themselves.

11% claim they’ve never peed in the shower.

And only 31% said they’ve never dropped their phone in the toilet.

((Photo Credit: CANVA PRO))