Will Someone In Shreveport Get A McDonald’s “McGold” Card That Gets You Free Food For Life??

McDonald’s is giving away 12 “McGold” cards, which grant you FREE McDonald’s for life.  To be eligible, you have to participate in their “SZN of Sharing” promotion, which involves ordering through their app.

McDonald’s is offering up a DOZEN of them, and some in the Shreveport area could win one!

McDonald’s says THREE people will get FOUR McGold cards . . . one for you, and one for three of your friends.  It’s part of a new “SZN of Sharing” promotion, which is happening on their app from December 5th through Christmas.

There will be daily deals on food and merch orders made through the app . . . and the McGold card winners will be chosen among the participants.  They say every day you order through the app you earn another chance to win.

There are some limits on the McGold card.  Technically, it only covers two free meals per week for 50 years.  Which should be plenty. 

The winners will be notified in early January, and they’ll have to designate the three friends to get the other cards at that point.  The cards will be connected to the friends’ names and loyalty accounts, so you won’t be able to sell them. This would be a pretty cool thing for someone in the Shreveport area to win! Are you going to try and win a McGold card in the ArkLaTex??