It’s National Cocktail Day – and a Tequila Shortage Could Be Coming to Shreveport!

 Happy National Cocktail Day!  It’s on a Friday this year, so . . . pace yourself, Shreveport! We’re all having drinks tonight!

And if you’re a tequila fan, enjoy it while you can.  Because there could be a big SHORTAGE on the horizon for the Shreveport area.

Tequila is more popular than ever in the U.S., and agave farmers in Mexico are struggling to keep up.  Last year alone, sales of tequila and mezcal were up 17%.  

Agave plants take years to grow, and farms have been harvesting them a lot earlier in their growing cycle to keep up with demand.  So the problem could start to snowball more and more.

Mexico hasn’t been getting enough rain either, so that’s been causing issues too.  In the short-term, it could mean tequila gets more expensive.  And eventually, it could become more and more scarce.

By the way, a report last month found the most popular cocktail so far in 2023 is . . . the MARGARITA.  Martinis are next, then Moscow Mules.