Website Claims Shreveport is Both one of the Most Dangerous and Safest Cities in LA

Make it make sense!

Confused? Yes, I’m right there with you. Recently, I got an email from the website They informed me that they found the most dangerous cities in the state of Louisiana, and Shreveport came in as the 7th most dangerous city in our state. Shocker, right?

Like most WalletHub-type emails, I didn’t bother reading this one. Then, they sent a follow-up email so I figured I would check it out.

Once I clicked on their link, I had a great laugh at the very first graphic I came across.

Sure, LawnStarter did rank our cities to find the most dangerous, using metrics like assault, battery, murder, ect. And using those metrics, according to this website, Shreveport rated as the 7th most dangerous city.

That, of course, is not humorous. However, directly next to that grapohic, they also listed Louisiana safest cities based on the same metrics. What did they find? That Shreveport is the 8th safest city in Louisiana.

So not only are we one of the most dangerous cities in Louisiana, but we’re also one of the safest, go figure!

Check out the full article by clicking HERE.