Just How Stressed Out Is The ArkLaTex? Here’s How Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas Ranked!

Everyone in the Shreveport area and throughout the ArkLaTex deals with SOME stress throughout the day, whether it’s serious stuff, or dumb stuff . . . like trying to avoid bumping into THAT neighbor while checking the mail.  You know the one.

WalletHub just put out a new study that ranked every state from the most stressed-out to the least.

(Photo Credit: CAVNAPRO)

The rankings are based on 41 different factors, across four different stresses:  Work-related . . . money-related . . . family . . . and health and safety. So where do states in the ArkLaTex fall? Well, turns out where pretty stressed… In fact Louisiana came in #2, behind Mississippi. Texas and Arkansas are also listed amongst the top stressed out states. Also on the list of the states the most stressed, Kentucky, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Alabama.

If you’re looking for states with LESS stress… New Jersey, Iowa, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Utah are on the list of the least stressed states — Minnesota ranked #1 as the state with the LEAST stress!

Based on all that, the most stressed-out states are mostly in the south:  Mississippi . . . Louisiana . . . New Mexico . . . West Virginia . . . Nevada . . . Arkansas . . . Alabama . . . Kentucky . . . Texas . . . and Oklahoma.